Enabling investors and entrepreneurs to act for impact

Social Finance Academy

Despite all the excitement about impact investing, investors still hesitate to act on a broader scale. And social entrepreneurs are constantly seeking knowledge how to access this huge spurce of capital. Both have a common goal: to grow their impact on society. But why are they not coming together? Are entrepreneurs not prepared for investments? Do investors fail to address the needs of social enterprises? Are both talking at cross purposes? The answer is a mix of all three.

Individual support, consulting and knowledge is available through investor networks, incubators and universities. But there is no consistent approach that integrates theory and practice in a way that helps entrepreneurs and investors to find common ground. A type of education that makes them move from talking to acting on a much larger scale.

Social finance differs from the rules, instruments and motives characterizing mainstream finance on the one hand and public or non-profit funding on the other.  Therefore, new skills have to be put into practice. But this is not enough: knowledge has to be accessible to as many actors as possible to bring the social finance market to bloom.

The Social Finance Academy addresses this gap: It integrates theory and practice and engages experienced leaders in the market to contribute. It builds on highly practical programs and uses a blended learning approach. Online courses come with onsite interaction to amplify the learning experience. Proven concepts are combined with inspiring case studies that address the most pressing issues:

  • Which are the rules, requirements and players in social finance?
  • How can impact investing help to fulfil my mission?
  • How can I start to build an impact investment strategy?
  • Which instruments can I use to assess the impact?
  • What does it mean to be investment-ready?
  • How can investors and entrepreneurs match their expectations?
  • What exactly are hybrid or blended financing models?
  • How do I move from a non-profit to a for-profit model?

At the end, our mission is leverage: investors and entrepreneurs are enabled to collaborate and successfully join forces to act for impact.

The Social Finance Academy will start soon. If you are interested please register to our newsletter.