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Growing a Transnational Smart Community of Social Innovators for the Inclusive Development of Central Europe


The sustainability of Central Europe (CE) is challenged by the structural transformations of its civic communities as well as by the social implications of the changes affecting their context. The Social(i)Makers project aims at improving the skills and entrepreneurial competences for advancing economic and social innovation in the region. Thirteen partners from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia are part of the consortium.

The project is divided into three main components: an educational one via the Social Innovation Academy & Skyrocket Lab, a practical one via the local pilot and a policy one via the Social Innovation Action Plan:

Social Innovation Academy & Skyrocket Lab


The Social Innovation Design Academy and Skyrocket Lab intend to develop an integrated educational programme as well as innovative tools for the Social Innovation actors. These will help them learn and apply the most innovative operational instruments to design and launch effective and sustainable SI initiatives.

The Social(i)Makers project hopes that by supporting these activities will be able to establish a long-term transnational community of social innovators willing to help finding solutions to social challenges in Central Europe. Learn more about the academy and the platform here: https://skyrocketplatform.eu/en/en/project-mooc


Scalerator: local pilot in Germany


Since June 2019, Roots of Impact and Social Impact, in collaboration with Impact Collective, launched a one-year scalerator program for a social enterprise at the pivotal juncture before scaling its operations. This highly tailored program will assist the social enterprise to sustainably scale through customized coaching and technical expertise.

The winner of the Scalerator program was Querfeld, whose mission is to fight food waste by delivering natural diversity to our supermarkets, kitchens and tables. Read more about how the Scalerator helped Querfeld to scale: https://www.social-startups.de/skalierung-von-sozialunternehmen/


Social Innovation Action Plan


The Social Innovation Action Plan aims to promote the long-term development of social innovation capabilities in Central Europe. To achieve this, virtual workshops will take place on a local and transnational level. These workshops will bring together different stakeholders and experts to contribute to strengthening the regional ecosystem and fostering policy and transnational collaboration for social innovation and entrepreneurship. Through the workshops, Social(i)Makers aims to promote a series of strategies, activities and come up with feasible solutions on the sustainability of the generated outcomes in the future.


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About the Scalerator kickoff:

Deutsch: Skalierung für Sozialunternehmer: Bereitet Euch auf Start (und Landung) vor (von Christina Moehrle)

English: Scaling a Social Enterprise: Prepare for Take-off and Landing (by Christina Moehrle)

About social innovation:

English: So Why All This Buzz around Social Innovation? (by Ben West)

Deutsch: Was ist eigentlich soziale Innovation? (von Ben West)

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