What drives our clients

Impact Investors:

Family Offices, Foundations, Development Finance Institutions, Asset- and Wealth Managers

Our investor clients are looking to realise financial returns in high-performing social enterprises or funds without compromising on social or environmental impact (if they don´t care about that they are wrong with us)There are two ways to make this happen:

Highly selective approach: Focusing on very few sectors, regions and enterprises with an inherent double-performance in impact and financials (investments to be found).

Collaborative approach: Joining a partnership with public or philanthropic funders that provide attractive risk-adjusted financial returns and deep impact (investments to be made).


Public funders and Strategic Philanthropists:

Development Agencies, Governments, Multi-lateral Funds, Foundations

Our public and philanthropic clients are looking for the most effective use of their budget to generate sustainable impact on large scale.

They are facing the question of how to keep innovating and investing in promising new solutions while budgets are decreasing and social challenges are rapidly growing.

We serve their needs by designing public-private partnerships and other blended finance solutions for leveraging additional private investment for inclusive businesses. Our approach focuses on long-term sustainability and entrepreneurial solutions on the ground.

Beside advising investors in effective impact investing we support financial institutions and corporate clients in defining and implementing their impact investing strategy and offering.