What drives us

How to make impact finance more effective

The mismatch between demand and supply

A huge amount of capital around the world is waiting to be invested for social and environmental impact. Yet too little of it makes its way to high-impact social enterprises. There is a significant mismatch between the available financing volume, investors’ expectations and the actual needs of social entrepreneurs. Consequently, most of the current impact investments are not realising their full potential.

On the other hand there is an urgent need to use public, development and philanthropic funds more effectively. They represent a multiple of the currently available impact investment capital – and the decision makers are constantly looking for ways to maximise value for society.

The challenge

The challenge is not about raising more funds for impact investment. It is about building a market with practices that really achieve their intended purpose. Ultimately, it is about putting the available capital to work more effectively.

We address these issues by focussing on themes such as:

  • How to increase the effectiveness of public and philanthropic funds?
  • How to achieve deeper levels of impact for private investors?
  • How to improve existing impact investing and blended finance market practice?


It’s about making a difference

We think impact investing should not be seen as an end in itself. It is not about moving money, it is about making a difference. By actively developing the market, social and environmental impact can be achieved on a large scale.