Shaping finance for positive impact

Roots of Impact is an impact finance advisory firm working with public funders, philanthropists and impact investors globally to finance private sector innovations and enterprises with strong potential for positive impact.

We are dedicated to designing and implementing effective solutions and programs for financing social impact at scale and are driven by the desire to maximize the impact on every dollar granted or invested. LEARN MORE ABOUT WHAT WE DO

Mobilizing private capital for sustainable development

We are specialized in all aspects of innovative and blended finance that unlocks capital for the benefit of people and planet.

With our partners, we implement financing models and programs where public and philanthropic funds mobilize additional private investment – by de-risking or enhancing revenues with incentives linked to social impact. READ ABOUT OUR SOCIAL IMPACT INCENTIVES SOLUTION

Impact at the core

We consider impact assessment imperative to understanding when blended or innovative finance is needed and how it can be optimized. Thus, we design and implement funding and investment models that fairly balance risks and returns and provide impact-aligned incentives.

We also support impact investors and other funders in optimizing their portfolio and deal flow towards strong and sustained impact. MORE ABOUT OUR TEAM OF CROSS-SECTOR EXPERTS

Engaged in market building

As a market builder, we care deeply about education around finance for positive impact and are incubating the Social Finance Academy (SFA) – a one-stop-shop for practical knowledge & tools in the field of impact finance. GET AN OVERVIEW OF OUR SFA ONSITE AND ONLINE PROGRAMS

What we do

A huge amount of capital around the world is waiting to be invested for social and environmental impact. Yet too little of it makes its way to high-impact social enterprises.   READ MORE

Which principles we apply

A coherent set of principles guides all of our impact finance activities.


Who we are

Our team comprises experts in venture capital, corporate finance, catalytic and blended finance, social entrepreneurship, philanthropy and impact assessment.  READ MORE

Selected Partners