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Our initiatives

Our initiatives

From piloting to systems-level impact


Making finance work for positive impact on people and planet is an ambitious mission that requires collaboration, creativity and action. This is why we kicked off several initiatives that – in addition to our advisory services to catalytic capital providers -, empower the three pillars on which our Theory of Change is built: (1) Effective Financing Solutions, (2) Access to Finance for Impact Enterprises, and (3) Research & Education. If you would like to learn how exactly we strive to create impact, OUR LATEST IMPACT REPORT is a great source for details.

The following graph illustrates our current initiatives:

House of Roots graph 1

The Impact-Linked Finance Fund

Providing better terms for better impact

The IMPACT-LINKED FINANCE FUND (ILFF) is the latest addition to the Roots of Impact „house“ of initiatives. Established by Roots of Impact and IGRAVITY in 2020, the Fund pools our know-how and activities for implementing scalable Impact-Linked Funds. The goal of the ILFF is to provide finance to high-impact enterprises and directly reward them for positive outcomes generated through their business activities.

The Impact-Linked Finance Fund is set up as a Dutch foundation. Besides acting as a capital provider, it is also meant to be a knowledge hub for the practice of Impact-Linked Finance and an advocate for embedding impact-related principles in other areas of business, policy and finance. For more information, please visit the IMPACT-LINKED FINANCE FUND’S WEBSITE.


The Social Finance Academy

Where impact entrepreneurs learn the language of investors

The SOCIAL FINANCE ACADEMY (SFA), initiated with the valuable support from the SWISS AGENCY FOR DEVELOPMENT AND COOPERATION, provides practice-driven knowledge and tools that empower impact entrepreneurs to access finance and professionalize impact management. This enables entrepreneurs to reach common ground with investors and speak the same language.

The Social Finance Academy works in partnerships with incubators, accelerators and other service providers for impact enterprises across the globe. We complement their programs with train-the-trainer and capacity building components on impact management and investment readiness, for example as part of the B-BRIDDHI PROGRAM, and deliver these components together with trusted local partners. For more information, please check out the SOCIAL FINANCE ACADEMY’S WEBSITE.


The Initiative for Blended Finance

at the University of Zurich

In 2019, we partnered up with the CENTER FOR SUSTAINABLE FINANCE AND PRIVATE WEALTH (CSP) at the University of Zurich to create the INITIATIVE FOR BLENDED FINANCE AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ZURICH (IBF). It engages in research and education for more effective Blended Finance approaches and brings together excellent academic, knowledge and practice partners.

One example of common activities are our „Impact Investment and Blended Finance“ (IIBF) executive education programs kicked off in 2018 and running under their new home IBF since 2019. If you would like to learn more about our state-of-the-art education and research programs with many renowned and like-minded partners, THE IBF WEBSITE HAS ALL THE DETAILS.