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We believe in quality and results orientation

We believe that rigorous quality standards as well as strong result-orientation are needed to design effective financing solutions for international development and social innovation.


Our principles

At Roots of Impact, we initiated the DESIGN PRINCIPLES FOR IMPACT-LINKED FINANCE in order to promote the most effective use of this practice. We also support the IFC OPERATING PRINCIPLES FOR IMPACT MANAGEMENT and the OECD DAC BLENDED FINANCE PRINCIPLES for Unlocking Commercial Finance for the SDGs.

We consider the impact of an enterprise as a performance that can be assessed, managed and optimized and strongly believe that this performance can be affected by the way in which the enterprise is financed.

Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct has been created to provide overall guidelines for how Roots of Impact, its employees and other stakeholders can interact in a way that optimizes our core mission: making finance work for positive impact on people and the planet. READ MORE