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How to use impact finance more effectively

We collaborate with public funders and impact investors globally to scale high-performing enterprises and innovations with strong potential for positive impact on people and the planet.

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Effective Financing Solutions

We design and implement innovative impact finance solutions, in which public and catalytic funds optimize impact performance while enabling private investment:

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Access to Finance for Impact Enterprises

With our SOCIAL FINANCE ACADEMY, we help create vibrant impact ecosystems, provide critical capacity building and run programs for access to impact finance:

  • Investment readiness and impact management programs in partnership with incubators and accelerators
  • Impact ecosystem-building programs with partners (e.g. B-BRIDDHI in Bangladesh)
  • Open and free knowledge resources for impact enterprises on investment readiness and impact measurement & management (IMM)
  • Impact-Linked Finance Readiness bootcamps
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Research, Education and Advice

We are deeply involved in improving the evidence base and sharing knowledge around effective impact finance: