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Career opportunities

Talent is distributed equally, but opportunities are not… are you able to create your own opportunity?


At Roots of Impact, we shape the impact finance market by bringing in a wide-spectrum of skillsets from a diverse team. This allows us to challenge traditional ways of thinking and financing. We work in a vibrant industry where different talents can contribute, and there is no straight line between a university degree and a career in impact finance.

-> New: we’re hiring an Impact-Liked Finance Associate!

Are you an Impact-Linked Finance enthusiast and would like to support our transactions as an associate? Our company is growing and we have this new exciting opportunity for you! Check it out and take your chance to apply now:

Roots of Impact Hiring 11-2021

-> Ongoing: our call for researchers!

Are you a professor, post-grad or think tanker with a passion for deep research in Impact-Linked or Blended Finance, impact enterprise business models, or capacity & market building for impact enterprises? Then our call for researchers may be the right thing for you!

Explore Deep Impact - Roots of Impact Call for Research

Do you want to write to us and create your own opportunity?

In general, if we are not actively hiring or you are looking for a different opportunity than those we currently call for, you can always write to us at talent@roots-of-impact.org with the subject „I want to be registered in your talent pool“.

In such case, please send us a letter of interest explaining WHY you would like to work for Roots of Impact and what you’re currently doing. Your CV is an important representation of the work you have done to date and a first indicator of how you might fit in with the team. Equally important for us, however, is that you make us understand who you are and what drives your engagement in the sector. Skills can be taught, but a passion for impact finance and an understanding of how you can contribute to that ecosystem can’t. Therefore, we want you to be very specific regarding HOW you would like to contribute to our work.

We look forward to receiving your letter of interest at talent@roots-of-impact.org