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Featured on Healtcare Business International: Mexican Clinic Boosts Low-Income Patients By Monetising Quality

Featured on NextBillion: Making Subsidies Smarter – How to Create More ‚Bang for the Buck‘ in Blended Finance

Featured on NextBillion: ‘It’s Not About Subsidies’ – And Five Other Myths About Blended Finance


Featured on Devex: Social impact incentives? A new tool for supporting impact

Featured by the Boston Consulting Group: How Impact-Linked Finance Can Accelerate the SDGs

Featured on Next Billion: Daring to Think Big: Why It’s Time to Scale Impact-Linked Finance by Bjoern Struewer, Dr. Rory Tews and Christina Moehrle

Featured on ImpactAlpha: Root Capital chases ‚Social Impact Incentives‘ in loans to Latin America Agribusinesses

Release by Root Capital: Root Capital launches its first Pay-for-Impact Partnership

Report in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group: Accelerating Impact-Linked Finance

Featured by OECD: Social Impact Investment 2019 (contribution on SIINC and Clínicas del Azúcar on pages 86-88, short highlight version including SIINC here)

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Report in collaboration with the Acumen Lean Data and Energy teams and support from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation: Blueprint for an Outcomes Fund in Off-Grid Clean Energy – Pushing the Boundaries of High Impact Businesses with Next Generation Results-Based Finance

Featured by CRC Press: Sustainable Financial Innovations (SIINC contribution by Bjoern Struewer, Dr. Rory Tews and Christina Moehrle)

Featured on Next Billion: A Recipe for Change: Can Blended Finance Help Trigger an ‘Impact Revolution’? (by Christina Moehrle)

Featured by UNCDF: Blended Finance in the Least Developed Countries (SIINC case study by Bjoern Struewer and Christina Moehrle on page 99)

Featured by The European Commission’s Expert Group on Foundations, Venture Philanthropy and Social Investments: Driving Progress for Research and Innovation in Europe -The potential of R&I foundations (with contribution from Bjoern Struewer)

Featured by SDC: Social Impact and Commercial Success (by Selina Haeny)

Featured by GIZ and Intellecap: Nudging the Investment Ecosystem by Incentivizing Impact (contribution by Bjoern Struewer)

Featured on Forbes: The Market Is Imperfect: Let’s Deal With It (by Bjoern Struewer and Dr. Rory Tews)

Featured on ImpactAlpha: Early Data Signals Success of Social Impact Incentives (by Dennis Price)

Featured on Next Billion: Do You Speak Social Finance? Helping Entrepreneurs and Impact Investors Overcome the Language Barrier (by Christina Moehrle and Maxime Cheng)

Featured on Social Innovation Community: So Why All This Buzz around Social Innovation? (by Ben West)


Featured by FOMIN (Multilateral Investment Fund): Early Lessons Learned in SIINC Pay-for-Success Projects (by Dieter Wittkowski)

Featured on ImpactAlpha: Root Capital and Acumen to Test Social Impact Incentives (by Dennis Price)

Report commissioned by The Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED)Impact Investing: Measurement Valued by Investee Businesses (by Dr. Rory Tews and Thomas Scheuerle)

Featured by Transform Finance: Innovations in Financing Structures For Impact Enterprises: Spotlight on Latin America (full report / summary here)

Featured on Next Billion: Social Impact Incentives: A New Solution for Blended Finance (by Bjoern Struewer and Christina Moehrle)

Featured on ImpactAlphaSocial Impact Incentives Introduced in Mexico and Honduras (by Jessica Pothering)


Featured on Third Sector: A German Innovation I Hope We Don’t Overlook (by Rodney Schwartz)

Featured on ImpactAlpha: Social Impact Incentives Aim to Tilt Businesses Toward the Needs of the Poor (by Dennis Price)

Featured on Philanthropy Impact: Full spectrum finance: how philanthropy discovers impact beyond donation and investments (by Bjoern Struewer and Felix Oldenburg)

Featured on NextBillion: Impact and the Science of Social Networks: More Bang For Your Buck (by Dr. Rory Tews and Dr. Andrés Cardona)

Featured on NextBillion: Pay for Success…With an Important Twist (by Bjoern Struewer and Christina Moehrle)

Featured on Forbes: Impact Investing- Financial Returns Are Only Half The Story (by Bjoern Struewer and Dr. Rory Tews)

Featured on Impact Alpha: Counterpoint: ‘Market-Rate’ funds Should Be Benchmarked to Impact, Too (by Bjoern Struewer and Dr. Rory Tews)

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