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Press release: Roots of Impact positions for next growth phase20230804094313

Impact-Linked Finance works“

Results highlights by Roots of Impact / January 2023 / Download


Interview with Bjoern Struewer in „Scaling Impact: Finance and Investment for a Better World“

Book and interview by Kusi Hornberger on Palmgrave McMillan / 2023 / Interview Excerpt / Chapter & Book

„How impact incentives brought a dental care startup back to its roots in rural Ecuador“

By Jessica Pothering on Impact Alpha / May 8, 2023 / Article

„Social Impact Incentives for Clínicas del Azúcar“

By Bjoern Struewer, on EVPA, catalytic capital series / March 1, 2023 / Case Study

„When catalytic capital is critical: How impact entrepreneurs use grants to build ‹bottom-up› blended finance“

By Jed Emerson and Bjoern Struewer on Pioneers Post / January 19, 2023/ Article

„Just Useful… Or Truly Catalytic? How Entrepreneurs Really View Catalytic Capital — And What Impact Investors Can Do About It“

By Jed Emerson and Bjoern Struewer on NextBillion / January 17, 2023 / Article

„How Impact-Linked Financing Incentivizes High-Impact Investment in Agricultural SMEs“

Report by Root Capital / January 2022 / Download


„An Investment Approach for Improving LGBTQIA* Communities’ Access to Labour Markets“

By Dreilinden Foundation on Medium / July 4, 2022/ Article

„Pushing the Water Boundaries: How Social Impact Incentives Can Make WASH Enterprises More Innovative, Impactful and Catalytic“

Featured on NextBillion / June 22, 2022 / Article

„How incentives can successfully steer capital toward impact“

Featured on ImpactAlpha / March 23, 2022 / Article

„Better terms, better impact – but can impact-linked finance overcome a chicken-and-egg situation?“

Featured on Pioneers Post / March 22, 2022 / Article

„‘Impact notes’ help entrepreneurs recoup equity by creating good jobs and community wealth“

Featured on ImpactAlpha / February 15, 2022 / Article

„How pre-construction financing is building a pipeline of water projects in Kenya“

Featured on ImpactAlpha / January 20, 2022 / Article

„New Frontiers for Financial Inclusion – Gender Impact and Fintechs Align“

Report in collaboration with SDC / September 2020 / Download


Launch of the Impact-Linked Fund for Education

Press release by the Impact-Linked Finance Fund / December 1, 2021 / Press Release

Roots of Impact, the Initiative for Blended Finance and the Bertha Centre receive C3 research grant

Press release by New Venture Fund / October 13, 2021 / Press Release and ImpactAlpha Article

„aQysta and KWSH selected for SIINC for WASH“

Press release by Aqua for All / August 12, 2021 / Link and SIINC for WASH program page

„A review of impact-linked finance: does incentivising impact work?“

Study by Investing for Good / June 16, 2021 / Study Download

„Empowering Vulnerable Youth With SIINC as a Strong Ally“

Featured on Impact-Linked Finance Fund / Apr. 12, 2021 / Interview

„A little incentive goes a long way to change lending for small farmers in Latin America“

Featured on ImpactAlpha / Feb. 11, 2021 / Article

„How We Utilize Outcomes-Based Financing to Help Early-Stage Enterprises Grow“

Featured by Root Capital / Feb. 5, 2021 / Article

„Innovative Development Finance Toolbox“

Created by KfW (including SIINC) / October 2020 / Download

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„PES Latam – inventir en impacto durante a pandemia“

Featured on VC4A / Dec. 8, 2020 / Article

„Impact Investing Won’t Save Capitalism“

Featured on Harvard Business Review / Juy 2020 / Article

„Mexican Clinic Boosts Low-Income Patients by Monetising Quality“

Featured on Healthcare Business International / March 2020 / Article

„Making Subsidies Smarter – How to Create More ‚Bang for the Buck‘ in Blended Finance

Featured on NextBillion / February 2020 / Article

„‚It’s Not About Subsidies‘ – And Five Other Myths About Blended Finance“

Featured on NextBillion / January 2020 / Article

Accelerating Impact-Linked Finance

Report by Roots of Impact in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group / January 2019 / Download

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„Social Impact Incentives? A New Tool for Supporting Impact“

Featured on Devex / May 2019 / Article

„Daring to Think Big: Why It’s Time to Scale Impact-Linked Finance“

Featured on NextBillion / March 2019 / Article

„Root Capital Chases ‚Social Impact Incentives‘ in Loans to Latin America Agribusinesses“

Featured on ImpactAlpha / February 2019 / Article

„Root Capital Launches its First Pay-for-Impact Partnership“

Press release by Root Capital / February 2019 / Article

„Social Impact Investment 2019“

Featured in OECD report (pages 86-88) / 2019 / full report / highlight version

„Sustainable Financial Innovations“

Compendium by CRC Press / March 2019 /  book link

Blueprint for an Outcomes Fund in Off-Grid Clean Energy

Report by Roots of Impact in collaboration with Acumen Lean Data and Energy teams and support from SDC / December 2018 / Download


„A Recipe for Change: Can Blended Finance Help Trigger an ‘Impact Revolution’?“

Featured on Next Billion / November 2018 / Article

„Blended Finance in the Least Developed Countries“

Featured by UNCDF (page 99) / 2018 / Article

„Early Data Signals Success of Social Impact Incentives“

Featured on ImpactAlpha / April 2018 / Article

Nudging the Investment Ecosystem by Incentivizing Impact

Report by Intellecap and GIZ with contribution from Roots of Impact / June 2018 / Download

„The Market Is Imperfect: Let’s Deal With It“

Featured on Forbes / February 2018 / Article

„Do You Speak Social Finance? Helping Entrepreneurs and Impact Investors Overcome the Language Barrier“

Featured on Next Billion / February 2018 / Article

Innovations in Financing Structures For Impact Enterprises

Report by Transform Finance commissioned by the Multilateral Investment Fund with support from the Rockefeller Foundation (pages 40-42) / 2017 / full report


„Root Capital and Acumen to Test Social Impact Incentives“

Featured on ImpactAlpha / September 2017 / Article

„Impact Investing: Measurement Valued by Investee Businesses“

Report commissioned by The Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED) / July 2017 / Download

„Social Impact Incentives: A New Solution for Blended Finance“

Featured on Next Billion / July 2017 / Article

„Social Impact Incentives Introduced in Mexico and Honduras“

Featured on ImpactAlpha / June 2017 / Article

Publications about and by Roots of Impact

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2016 & 2015

„A German Innovation I Hope We Don’t Overlook“

Featured on Third Sector / May 2016 / Article

„Social Impact Incentives Aim to Tilt Businesses Toward the Needs of the Poor“

Featured on ImpactAlpha / January 2016 / Article

„Full spectrum finance: how philanthropy discovers impact beyond donation and investments“

Featured on Philanthropy Impact / March 2016 / Article

„Impact and the Science of Social Networks: More Bang For Your Buck“

Featured on NextBillion / April 2016 / Article

„Pay for Success…With an Important Twist“

Featured on NextBillion / December 2015 / Article

„Impact Investing- Financial Returns Are Only Half The Story“

Featured on Forbes / October 2015 / Article

„Counterpoint: ‘Market-Rate’ funds Should Be Benchmarked to Impact, Too“

Featured on Impact Alpha / October 2015 / Article