SIINC programs


Public Private Development Partnership: Social Impact Incentives for scaling high-impact Social Enterprises in Latin America and the Caribbean


SIINC LATAM is a multi-year program implemented by Roots of Impact and its partners the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation, Ashoka, New Ventures and IDB Lab. Through this program, partners support impact enterprises with premium payments for positive outcomes as part of the next financing round. You will find detailed information about the Social Impact Incentives (SIINC) mechanism here.

Individual programs:


(1) SIINC for Vocational Skills Development

Starting in 2019, we are looking to provide SIINC to impact enterprises in Latin America and the Caribbean focused on VOCATIONAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT (VSD) and preparing to raise investment. In particular, we are looking for training providers that develop technical, social, professional or/and personal skills and qualifications that contribute to sustainable long- term integration of trained people in the world of work or workforce in the area of Vocational and/or technical education and training.


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The call for applications for this specific program is now closed. For more information please contact Patrizia Baffioni

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Please check out our SIINC FAQ.


SIINC LAC is the first project implemented within the program. We have already supported three ventures in the health, off-grid energy and agriculture sectors with payments based on outcomes. If you are curious to learn more about the impact enterprises within this program – Clínicas del Azúcar, Village Infrastructure Angels and Inka Moss -, detailed case studies can be found on our main SIINC page.


-> Applications

The application process continues to be open. For application details and forms, please contact Dr. Rory Tews.


Other SIINC Programs


SIINC for financing high-impact early-stage agricultural SMEs


This collaboration between Root Capital and Roots of Impact applies the SIINC model for the first time on a portfolio level. The model will be piloted in Latin America and trigger market-correcting incentives that compensate for the high operating costs and risk associated with loans to early-stage agricultural businesses creating significant positive impact. -> Root Capital’s press release