SIINC in Practice

SIINC in Practice

SIINC is used in a variety of innovative programs that aim to provide time-limited rewards to high-impact enterprises.



SIINC LATAM is a multi-year program implemented by Roots of Impact and its partners the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation, Ashoka, New Ventures and IDB Lab. Through this program, partners support impact enterprises with premium payments for positive outcomes as part of the next financing round. You will find detailed information about the Social Impact Incentives (SIINC) mechanism here.

SIINC for vocational skills development (VSD)

Starting in 2019, SIINC payments are provided to impact enterprises in Latin America and the Caribbean focused on vocational skills development and preparing to raise investment. Applications are closed. For questions about this program, here is our SIINC FAQ.

SIINC for agricultural SME lending

This collaboration between Root Capital and Roots of Impact applies the SIINC model for the first time on a portfolio level. The model will be piloted in Latin America. Here, market-correcting incentives are used to compensate for the high operating costs and risk associated with loans to early-stage agricultural businesses creating significant positive impact. -> Root Capital’s press release


SIINC for off-grid clean energy in Sub-Saharan Africa

Since 2019, we collaborate with the Energising Development (EnDev) program and 60 Decibels to provide SIINC to off-grid energy enterprises operating in Sub-Saharan Africa. Time-limited premium payments are disbursed to enterprises creating material positive outcomes for their beneficiaries and reaching next- and last mile customers. This program will inform the planned set-up of an outcomes fund for off-grid clean energy

SIINC and Impact-Linked Finance solutions for WASH / job creation / gender-inclusive finance

We are busy implementing SIINC in other contexts. Currently, we are preparing programs using SIINC and other Impact-Linked Finance solutions for several new regions and sectors, such as WASH, job creation and gender-inclusive finance. Would you like to know more? Stay up-to-date and register for our newsletter.