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Our Impact

It has been – and continues to be – quite a journey from designing effective impact finance solutions to creating systems-level impact. Here, we would like to share what we have been able to achieve from inception in 2015 until year-end 2020:

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Impact Report 2020 Roots of Impact

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Impact-Linked Finance – from piloting to systems level impact

Highlights from our journey over the last 5+ years

„We believe there is a compelling answer for how to fix the mismatch between the needs of high-impact enterprises and the realities of the capital markets: providing financial rewards for positive impact directly to the entrepreneurs on the ground.

This is how we came to the Social Impact Incentives (SIINC) model, which has since further evolved into the broader concept of Impact-Linked Finance. We are excited to see this approach establishing itself. Moreover, we are actively promoting the adoption of Impact-Linked Finance by the market and are heavily engaged in capacity building. We know that progress in this space cannot be championed by one actor alone. Nor can the demand for such solutions be met by just one provider. The name of the game is collaboration and we have only just started!“

Bjoern Struewer, Founder & CEO

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For those who would like to dive deeper, the full impact report with all the details is available here:

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For those who are interested in evidence on Impact-Linked Finance:

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